1. Ice trays are just perfect for storing single eye shadows


This way, you'll see each color right away.

2. Fill your drawers with cutlery trays and you'll never have difficulty finding anything ever again


Having your make-up in order is the first step towards sorting out your entire life.

3. A mini loaf pan is an excellent idea for storing small make-up products


And guess what? It fits just perfectly in a regular drawer.

4. Adding adhesive magnets to the back of your favorite products and sticking them to a metal board wrapped in fancy paper or fabric is bound to help you hit two birds with only one stone...


You'll get to your make-up real quick every morning, all that while having a lovely decoration next to your vanity.

5. And don't forget to add a magnetic strip for you bobby pins to it


Losing bobby pins has now become a thing of the past.

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