Nessie in Your Teacup

Some of them must have haunted you in your dreams while others may have simply stoked your curiosity. It is quite possible that you have come to know about the Loch Ness monster and this one may have simply prompted you to learn more about its existence if it does. Well, there is actually no conclusive evidence that the Loch Ness monster does exist. However, Nessie, as the locals in the Loch Ness area and its believers call it, has indeed fascinated so many people. In fact, those who believe that it does exist has a common idea of how it looks like.

It is interesting that a tea infuser does have Nessie design. One may wonder if the person who invented is a great believer of Nessie’s existence or not. Whatever the case may be, the Nessie tea infuser is indeed a wise and novel idea. Who would have thought of it anyway? If it is not someone who must have lived by the definition of thinking out of the box, it could be someone who loves Nessie so much he would not mind seeing the miniature replica of the monster on his teacup.

One thing is sure though. The Nessie design does work. The image of the monster having a long neck and a round body, which is similar to that of a goose, does provide an idea that suits well with the design of a tea infuser. The head and the neck serve as the handle which the tea drinker can hold to conveniently dip the infuser into the cup without touching the steaming beverage. The round body can serve as the container of the dried tea leaves which can be dipped into the hot water. By simply adding holes on the round body, the tea juice can mix with the water.

The Nessie in the teacup is not just designed for practical purposes. Obviously, there is something artistic and funny about it as well. If the sole idea is to make a tea infuser, then it would not need to have a Nessie design. However, seeing a tiny Nessie in different colors can definitely make your tea time more interesting. The design is visually stunning and it does makes drinking tea a little less formal and tight. Apparently, people always have that impression that drinking tea is so formal and almost ceremonial. You can thank the British and the Japanese for that.

Once dipped into a steaming cup, with its neck out of the water, the Nessie tea infuser does look like the images of the alleged monster of Loch Ness. The only difference is that it is of a bright color. It could be in light blue, yellow, green, or pink. So whatever fear that the image of the alleged monster stokes cannot be actually felt when drinking tea. Instead, it would definitely prompt one to laugh at the humor behind it, making your tea time more fun and enjoyable.