Those things were so damn popular, even though they were nearly always too predictable to actually enjoy. Oh, and let's not start a discussion about the covers, which were even worse than the content.

The thing is, we're not the only ones thinking that, because there's a Twitter account named Paperback Paradise that's mocking these books in the most awesome way possible. More precisely, they're using some basic Photoshop knowledge and loads of creativity and humor to change those cheesy-ass original titles into some really amazing new ones.

Keep scrolling and see for yourself what literary masterpieces were born in the process.

1. Bitch I See You

The look on that girl's face is just priceless.

2. Either of You Boys Want a Coke?

Who cares that you're keeping them hostage? You can still be a nice host.

3. Fucking Run The Sun Exploded

This cover is either badly illustrated, or just the beginning of a terrible story. Or both.

4. Go Apologize to God

Some mistakes can't be forgiven that easily.

5. Gotta Get Me Some of That Milk

What on Earth could this novel have been about?

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