What you should know is that after the day she had the photo ops, she gave birth to five lovable pups. The pups composed of four males and one female showed off their happiness to the Brazilian photographer Ana Paula Grillo. Ana said that the pups have already been adopted by the family members of Lilica’s owners. Ana’s advocacy is that of pet lovers to adopt a stray pup or dog.

But first of all, let’s take a look at Lilica’s poses in her different photos. The first photo is that of Lilica with her two paws on a chair while she looks up, a flower on her dog collar.


The photo shows her bulge along with the tits that looks like bursting with milk.


The next photo shows that of Lilica standing behind a basket of 5 cute puppies she gave birth to. Lilica looks sweet and almost smiling as she guards her pups like any mom. She looks proud of her pups too while the pups are cozily lying down on the red cushioned basket. What a sight!

The next photo is a close-up of the pups. The others are really sleeping while there are those that are just taking it easy while one is clearly yawning.


If you don’t think that the pups are adorable, you can check on this next photo with that of Lilica letting her pups drink milk through her tits. Lilica is lying on her back and staring sideward as the pups continue to suck. It looks like a big feast for the dog family. The photo is in black and white, and the emotions are given in more in-depth angles.


The next photo is that of Lilica standing beneath the pups’ basket while looking up to something.


The pups are all sleeping inside the basket; nothing can be more adorable than they are.


Another photo is that of two pups; one pup sleeps with its head on the other.


Since it’s a close-up, the two pups look very intimate. Next photo is a close-up of one single pup while sleeping on the red cushioned basket.



Then there’s the next shot with Lilica tenderly looking over her pups on the basket while checking on something from nearby.


You can sense Lilica’s concern as a mother as she looks quite closely to something that might be a predator. Another photo is a close-up black and white shot of a single pup.


It looks like a day old since it’s curled in a semi-fetal position. Since it is in black and white, the emotions are raw.


The last photo is that of Lilica with her two paws in front while in between them are her pups. She stands with her face to the camera and she appears to be somewhat smiling while panting at the same time. It’s really not that easy to have all your pups sucking on your tits; right?