10 Inexpensive but Totally Fabulous Date Ideas

1. Enjoy a spa night at home


Turn a regular evening into a five-star pampering experience by running a bubble bath, killing the lights and lighting some scented candles. Get your man to test all your beauty products and show off your massaging skills.

2. Karaoke for couples?

Yes, please! Don't worry if you couldn't be any less talented, because frankly, hardly anyone who goes to karaoke can actually sing. That's what makes it awesome - especially when your boyfriend's on stage with you rocking You're the One That I Want.

3. There's nothing more romantic than stargazing


Seriously. If the weather's good, staring at the skies for hours on end can be extremely fascinating. Just make sure you have a stargazing app like SkyView on your phone - because, you know, scientific accuracy always improves things. Oh, and your night together is bound to get a lot better if you choose a secluded spot where you won't hear the traffic.

4. Go to a reading together


Believe it or not, listening to literature can be much more rewarding than simply reading it. Next time such an event is announced, make sure you and your boyfriend are attending, no matter if it's Byron's poetry or a local author's newest work that's being read.

5. Cook for each other


This is a win-win situation, because it doesn't only help you save money that you'd otherwise spend foolishly in a restaurant, but also contribute to your finding out more about each other's culinary preferences, knowledge of the utmost importance for your future anniversaries.

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