10 Things to Get Rid of for a Better 2016

So why not start the year with some changes? More precisely, 10 of them. Get rid of all the stuff that's been dragging you back for ages and make sure 2016 is the best year you've ever had.

1. Donate the clothes that don't fit anymore


2. Delete all the useless emails in your inbox


To prevent it from getting filled up with pointless stuff again, unsubscribe from those annoying newsletters that you get all the time.

3. High school "friends" you secretly hate? Exes that you can't keep yourself from stalking?


If such people still show up on your Facebook news feed every day, then you'd better unfriend the Hell out of them right away.

4. And why don't you get rid of fake friends and toxic people in real life too?


Nothing's more annoying than having to grin and bear it when someone's being obnoxious, especially if they're doing it on a daily basis. Get it over and done with and end all the relationships you find detrimental to your well-being ASAP.

5. And if you haven't already done it, delete these immediately:


Oh come on, it's not like you're going to look over them ever again!

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