It is indeed unimaginable for one to be totally independent and without someone to live with the rest of her life. In fact, it can be terrifying for some. Because of this, many people do their best to search for someone whom they share their life with. Some have succeeded, but quite a number have failed. If you are single now and you are already in your twenties, the idea can really be very troubling.

For Idalia Candelas though, an artist based in Mexico, there are many advantages of being single and living alone. Her collection of artwork, Postmodern Loneliness, in fact, shows that a single life should be celebrated. The idea definitely runs counter to the common notion that being single and alone can be a very depressing situation. Candelas, however, said that the point of contention as seen in her artworks is that women can actually stay single and enjoy it. Just by looking at the illustrations, one would surely get to understand the many benefits of staying single. And if one is actually single, she would appreciate her situation instead of getting worried over it.

Being single and alone means having the entire home to yourself. You really do not have to go in your bedroom and read books just because you prefer doing so in your underwear. You can lie down on the couch in whatever position you are most comfortable with and nothing or no one is going to bother you. You can go to the kitchen and prepare coffee in the same scanty attire without getting anybody’s attention as well. Obviously, that is total freedom; the likes that you would never have if you are not alone at home.

When you are tired and would want to relax, you do not have to worry about leaving a certain part of the bed for your partner. This is definitely another advantage of being single. If you are married or if you are living with your boyfriend, it would be too insensitive of you to take over the whole bed. If you do, you could start a major spat. This would not be the case if you are single. You have the whole bed to yourself and you could lie on it anytime. That is definitely one benefit you would enjoy.

It is quite obvious that Candelas illustrations basically celebrate the freedoms of being single. While these tackle the freedoms at home, these definitely tell you that you can be free anywhere else if you are not in a relationship.

Many women can be bitter about their situation if they feel that they have been single and lonely too long. They may even start hating themselves as a result.

However, Candelas has successfully argued against such point with her illustrations. While there may some things lacking in a single life, there are many others that are present and are worth celebrating.