1. Go for quality instead of quantity


Foreplay is supposed to be a pleasurable experience for both partners, so instead of glancing at the clock and dragging on unnecessarily just for the sake of it, go with your gut and try to build up the pleasure for as long as you think it's necessary. Who says foreplay should last a good 15 minutes? Give her 10 minutes of foreplay, but make it count. Ditch the rules and do it your way and most importantly, make sure you're doing everything with passion, because your girl will definitely sense it if you're just touching her mechanically. And it's you who'll end up suffering.

2. Don't be boring


If you think of it, foreplay isn't called like this for no reason, so make sure you don't lose sight of the "play" side of it. Don't be afraid to experiment with new ideas and techniques and don't hesitate to ask your partner about the things she likes. Also, make sure your head's in the game - we may or may not mean that literally - and don't forget that foreplay is a global process, not a concentrated one. Therefore, you should stop focusing only on the clitoris and caress other parts of her body too. Are you especially fond of her thighs? Then why not surprise her by giving these little babies some extra attention. Don't get stuck in a rut and try to vary your style every time - the element of surprise always brings in extra pleasure.

3. Kiss your way through foreplay


If you screw up and still end up being boring, don't panic - there are always solutions, the most accessible of which is passionate kissing, which, believe it or not, is bound to get a mildly disinterested woman back on track right away. Avoid being desperate at all costs - don't just shove your tongue into her mouth and go for long, romantic kisses instead. Move on from her lips to her earlobes, forehead and neck and then slowly move towards her pelvic region.

4. Make sure you last long enough


Okay, so we've talked about her, but what about you? We all know that a good round of foreplay can easily prevent you from lasting as long as you'd want to, so clearly there must be something you can do to put off your ejaculation. Although the vast majority of men know precisely that it's going to happen only a few moments before, if you pay close attention, you'll find that you experience a few subtle, but extremely relevant sensations even before that too. Give yourself some time and you're easily going to learn to slow down and control yourself.

5. Never underestimate the power of a good massage


The best thing about massage in general is that it doesn't really call for any specific skills. In other words, there's no way you're going to fail with an old-school erotic massage, as long as you're subtle and a little creative. A good idea would be to start by caressing her thighs. After that, you can very slowly get to her ankles and surprise her by giving her toes a little attention too. Before you know it, she'll be overwhelmed with pleasure.