Studies Confirm: Tall Men Do Have More Sex

It's already common knowledge that women have a preference for taller men. They're pretty keen on stating it in their Tinder profiles, as well as through cheesy Tumblr and WeHeartIt post like these:

Oh come on...

Isn't this sweet?


Tall is more often perceived as attractive

Now there's some real science to back that up too, according to David Frederick, Ph.D., and his team of researchers at Chapman University in Orange, California, who came to the conclusion that extra inches in a man's height equals more sex with more people.

60, 000 men took part in their study, and it became clear that the ones who were shorter than the average 5'8" had up to three fewer sex partners than the taller ones.

Tall men and evolution

But how exactly does this work? Well, the whole thing dates back to the era when people used to dwell in caves. Back in those days, our ancestors lived in a much more dangerous environment with fierce animals, scarce food and harsh living conditions. Mammoths and other huge creatures would roam the Earth at that time, so a female and her children had a better chance at surviving if her mate was a tall, healthy man.

And thanks to the "magic" of evolution, this trait is still common among women even in this day and age, when the need for physical protection in a partner is no longer essential. Because there are no mammoths around here anymore, duh.

Being tall in the 21st century

The attitude of our modern society also brought to light another reason why women are so damn crazy about guys who tower above them, namely that tall men usually come across as more dominant, which, in light of a certain book series released a while ago, has become a major turn on for a great many women. Add some good looks to that, and you've gotten yourself a modern Casanova.

*Yes, we're looking at you and your seemingly perfect male character, Erika Mitchell E. L. James. *

Height isn't everything

If you're tall, good for you. If you aren't, well, that's not such a big problem, it seems. In long-term relationships and marriages, women don't care about physical appearance, not nearly as much as they care about their partner's personality, kindness, and ability to respect her.

In other words, being over 6' will certainly help you look tougher, pick up more girls at the club and get laid more often, but it's by no means a guarantee for serious, long-term relationships - your character is going to be of greater help here.