However, it cannot be argued that people do celebrate them. After all, this is the only day in a year that is dedicated to couples who are in love. It is on this day that couples make it a point to spend time together, although they may always do so on any other day. One may call it a hype, but that is how almost everybody treats this day. The difference though is that lovers make sure that they express themselves in a unique manner of this particularly special day.

The anti-valentine cards may be considered as a truly distinct manner of expressing one’s feelings for another. It is interesting to note that if one takes the messages seriously, the cards can indeed mean anything but love and affection. If a person has to give the card to his or her lover, there seems to be the possibility of a spat occurring as a result; something that should be avoided on a Valentine’s Day. However, there is humor in the cards. These are not supposed to be treated as insults. These are supposed to elicit giggles and laughter from both the giver and the recipient.

Why would someone run the risk of actually giving such cards to the person that matters most? If each of the cards is to be read, it is clear that these are meant for those who have been together long. In fact, it is particularly suited for those who are living together. These are lovers who know each other so much and who must have accepted each other’s strengths and flaws. Taking a shot at those flaws definitely can no longer be considered as offensive by these couples. They may instead find the gesture funny though they still would appreciate the more serious side of the message.

For a long time, people tend to treat Valentine’s Day too seriously. It should not be so. When people celebrate love, they should not deal with it as though it is something that is too sober and is devoid of fun. A relationship can be serious, but it does not mean that it is not fun. In fact, the more fun the relationship is, the stronger it becomes. Its potential of staying long is increased. This is the reason why lovers should also see to it that fun and humor become part of their relationship.

The anti-valentine cards work that way. These introduces humor into a relationship that could otherwise easily turn to sober it can readily be described as boring. Then again, couples who may have been together for only a week or two may not find these cards appropriate.

Those who may have called themselves a couple, but who hardly know much about each other yet may not dare to send those cards. However, for those who see nothing wrong in criticizing their long-time lovers’ flaws, the cards can be a very good way of expressing their love and care while telling them to change for the better.