The Perks of Being in a Relationship

So take a look at 10 things that make having a boyfriend totally awesome.

1. No more Tinder

Which means no more weird dates with guys who aren't anything like their profiles, no more awkward evenings, no more dressing up for nothing and generally no more crap. You know you've got a sweet boyfriend waiting for you at home and nothing can top that.

2. You can finally do something productive

Instead of wasting your time with online dating for hours on end until finding someone decent enough to appear with in public. You actually look forward to dates now, especially since you've been seeing the same man for a while. He seems to be getting better and better every time, actually.

3. You can finally unleash your inner awkward self without fearing that you're going to embarrass yourself

And even if you do embarrass yourself, your guy will still adore you. After all, he's done some pretty idiotic stuff too, and you couldn't help but laugh at his cuteness, so he's obviously returning the favor.

4. Family dinners aren't an ordeal any more

Because you've always got your boyfriend to accompany you, not to mention that instead of trying to explain your 50 dates with 50 different men to your conservative family, you can now pretend to be surprised when they ask you how the two of you met and gladly answer their question with a smile on your face.

5. Double - hell, even triple dates with your besties

An extremely good occasion not only to show off your man, but also to make sure that your girls' boyfriends are up to the par and treating them as they deserve.

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