The simple ones were sometimes the best

In the 1910's, the rulers of the toy world were dolls. With just a bit of imagination they could become whatever you wanted. They could be dressed up in numerous combinations and it was fun to take care of them. Of course, we are mainly talking about female audience. When it comes to males, the marbles were also a thing in 1910's. They came in all sizes and colors, and there was always someone who was prepared to play with you. Marbles were also a cool way to meet some new friends. From the 1920's to the 1950s, the most popular toys were puzzles and building kits.

Here comes the future

In the 1950's, there was a groundbreaking revolution in toy making. First battery powered toys with remote control appeared on the market, and the world was never the same again. They were badly shaped and slow, but no one cared. At first, only the rich kids could have them because they were so damn expensive, and the ones who owned it were the cool kids. The feeling was the same as getting a car in your teenage years. Then in the 1960's, Barbie dolls appeared and made their way into every girl's room all over the world. We can't forget the Rubik's Cube in the 1980's and stuffed animals of the 1990's. Each decade had his own unique fad and left his mark on the hearts of kids who grew up on it.

The revolution that changed everything

With the technology revolution around, the toys in the 2000's were starting to become more complex and required a lesser level of imagination. Gameboy from Nintendo and PlayStation from Sony trapped kids into the world of video games and they never really got out.

Today there are so many toys and ways of playing that the old dolls and puzzles are nearly forgotten. Maybe someday they'll get back into fashion again, but it's more likely that kids will stay glued to the screens of TV's, computers and their mobile phones for quite a while now.

If you want a reminder to the simpler times, check out the video and enjoy a journey into nostalgia.