Check out What the Hottest Names Are at the Moment

The science of judging people based on their names is extremely tricky and totally biased, but let's face it - is there anyone strong enough to resist its temptation?

According to a top made by dating app The Grade, a bunch of names are extremely efficient at getting right swipes. Leaving aside the bias induced by those nasty people who completely ruin names for others by being extremely obnoxious, we've tried to make some sense of their marvellous top for you.

The most attractive girls on the block

Brianna is head of The Grade's list, with 70% of the males who encounter this name swiping right. At 69% you'll find runner-up Erika, and closely after that, Lexi, who got a right sweep 67% of the time in 2015.

Top 10 hottest female names, as reported by The Grade

  • Brianna
  • Erika
  • Lexi
  • Brooke
  • Vanessa
  • April
  • Natalie
  • Jenna
  • Molly
  • Katie

And the names of the hottest men in the USA are...

When it comes to men, the situation is a lot different, as the percentage of right sweeps are considerably lower. Apparently, the name who got right swept most often this year (24% of the time) was Brett. Right below him are Tyler, Corey, Andy and Noah - each of them at 23% - followed by Shane, who got right swept 22% of the time in 2015.

Top 10 hottest male names, as reported by The Grade

  • Brett
  • Tyler
  • Corey
  • Andy
  • Noah
  • Shane
  • Jeffrey
  • Rob
  • Frank
  • Jeff

The perfect couples

Apart from posting the stats we've been talking about and the right sweep percentage, The Trade also gave us an insight into the matches most often made on their platform. For instance, the top of the female list Brianna was most often paired up with Sean, while Brett, a leader in the male ranking, was most often matched with Jessica. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

As you've already noticed, these are all genuine American names, which doesn't really come as a surprise, considering that the vast majority of the app's users are American. Anyway, you can click here for the complete ranking and let us know if your name's ever helped you in a situation in the Comments section below.