Comedian Tina Fey Has taken the Comedy World by Storm and She Refuses to Apologize for Her Jokes

However, Fey wouldn’t claim this is a controversy at all. Rather, it is just humor and if you can’t find a way to come to terms with that then it is your problem, not hers. In a world where a millennial generation seems to find a way to be offended by just about anything, comedy has become an easy target as its nature lends itself to satire and offense. Just don’t ask Fey to apologize for that as she is done trying to explain comedy to the easily offended.

Millennials Can’t Take a Joke

Tina Fey can trace her comedy roots back to Saturday Night Live which is certainly no stranger to satire and offense. Few topics are off-limits to the show that has pushed the limits of comedy since 1975. However, recent sketches and partnerships with comedians Amy Poehler and Amy Shchumer have gotten easily offended Millennials all worked up into a tizzy.

In a recent interview, Fey simply said she was done trying to explain humor to this generation and she is not the only one. Comedic legends Jerry Seinfield and Chris Rock have both publicly said in recent years that they refuse to play college campuses because the generation has no ability to take a joke. A recent American poll of Millennials actually showed that 40% of them were in favor of banning speech that others thought offensive.

Comedy is Designed to be Offensive

Fey’s comedy is mild in comparison to the legends that have gone before her. Were millennials today to witness the likes of George Carlin or Rodney Dangerfield, it is entirely possible that their fragile ears just might fall off. Tina Fey believes comedy that pushes the limits to be central to liberty in a free society and entertainment can’t be constrained if it is to evolve in the future.

Tina Fey herself demonstrates an exceptional ability to evolve as he made the transition from SNL seamlessly to produce and star in the Emmy winning series 30 Rock which lampooned SNL. From there, she has starred in multiple blockbuster hits and taken the comedy world by storm as one of its royalty. Just don’t ask her to explain her comedy to you anymore as she has made it quite clear she is done with that.