It's all about mixing

We are sure that, although there are some people who love bread, no one did something similar. Yuka Kinoshita took 10 packs of toast bread, each containing 10 slices, and got them lined on the table. She prepared well for her challenge. Honey, mayo, butter and jam were her toppings of choice.

Skinny people can eat much as well

Although you would think that we are talking about some girl that has few extra pounds, the truth is that Yuka is fairly a skinny type of girl. She started her challenge eating plain bread, but got tired of it soon, and decided to mix it up a bit.

She toasted the slices and mixed the toping, drinking a lot of water in the process so it would go down easier. First she tried a jam and butter combination and then also an odd one, mixing mayo and honey. Through that whole time we expected her to give up, but she carried on eating.

Did she do it?

It may sound unbelievable, but she managed to get through. If you don't believe us, believe the video. Halfway through the 100 slices, her jaw was starting to get tired, and we thought this was the end. But surprisingly, she just added some cheese to the mix and begin to eat again until she cleaned the table.

Most of us would fall down with stomach pains after 10 or 20, but she acted like it was nothing, saying it was delicious.

If you like food, you should definitely watch this one. Maybe you will get some idea what to eat for breakfast, or you may get sick just watching her eat that much. The choice is yours.