Steve Harvey Makes Epic Mistake as he announces the Wrong Winner of the Miss Universe Pageant

It was an honest mistake that people don’t seem to hold any animosity about, but the mistake was of such epic proportions, it was hard not to be aghast about what just took place. After all, it did result in the wrong winner wearing the crown and shedding tears on live TV only to have it be removed and passed on to the winner. But let’s walk through the mistake heard around the world.

Miss Columbia Wrongly Crowned as Miss Universe

The mistake began with what has been widely recognized as a poorly designed results card from which Harvey would read. Yes, upon a non-hurried look, it is clear that Miss Columbia was the first runner-up and Miss Philippines was the winner. But in the fast-paced world of live television, one can’t help but think that the results looked like something designed by a 5-year-old with a sharpie.

But when it was all said and done, it happened and nothing can undo it. Miss Columbia was announced as the winner and she wore the crown on live TV for over 4 minutes before it was cleared up. Then, the heartbroken Miss Columbia had the crown removed from her head and passed on to the winner Miss Philippines while the world looked on in shock at what they had just witnessed.

Steve Harvey Profusely Apologizes

The aftermath of the mistake contained a myriad of classy responses and embarrassed apologies. Harvey apologized during the live TV show, to the contestants afterward, and to the world via his social media accounts. And for the most part, it appeared the world felt bad for him more than angry.

Granted, not everyone in social media was as ready to accept this as an honest mistake. Harvey was the target of twitter trolls throughout the world, but the good-natured man seemed to be able to let it roll off his shoulders. For better or worse, the wealthy celebrity will likely survive this mistake, but the world will never forget one of the most epic mistakes ever made on live television.

Miss Columbia who was de-crowned on live television praised Miss Philippines and took the mistake in stride. In fact, the President of Columbia says he still considers her the winner because he got to see her wear the crown. Not everyone can say they used to be Miss Universe, even if it was only 4 minutes.