One fine day a tattoo artist named Benjamin Lloyd announced in Facebook that if he would get 50 likes on his page from the kids of Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital he would be giving them free temporary tattoos. It must have been a joke for him, but the guy didn’t just get 50 likes; he got 400,000 likes and still counting. The number seems to rise nonstop. And because of this, Lloyd had no other choice but to honor what he promised or pledged.

This used to be done for adults only; but since the time he suggested that it’ll be done on the children of the hospital, many of the kids flooded Lloyd’s Facebook page. He would soon be starting off with his pledged tattoo-a-thon but for now netizens would be able to see what tattoo designs the kids would be wearing based on kept photos of kids who were given them previously as sleeve tattoos.

Benjamin Lloyd stated on his Facebook account that nothing can make him feel better than seeing the kids gain more confidence through the custom tattoo he makes on them. He added that the negative aspect of tattooing the kids is that they don’t want to take a shower. Any parent who would see the following photos would certainly want to line up for their kids and themselves.

The first photo is that of Lloyd while doing a black and white sleeve tattoo on a little guy. The tattoo extends to the torso, but it seems like the little guy didn’t feel tickled at all. His smile tells people how happy he is with his new tattoo. The design consists of skulls and roses, like those of a real honcho. The next photo clearly shows the little guy with the new tattoo; and to complete the hunk look, he wears bling-bling.

Another photo is that of a little young lady with a sleeve tattoo that reaches up to the neck and cheek. The design of the tattoo consists of butterflies and roses, and it comes in a mix of black and shades of red. Again you would see that no one can buy the little girl’s smile. It’s heavenly to see her wear her sleeve tattoo so proudly.

The next photo is that of the three little honchos each of them wearing a tattoo sleeve in black and white with various designs. The kids in the photo try so hard to look fierce; but the more they do it, the more they look adorable.

The next photo is that of Benjamin Lloyd and one of the good-looking little guys. Lloyd is all smiles while giving finishing touches on the black and white chest tattoo that has been inked on the little guy.

The little guy is also smiling ear to ear as he proudly wears the skull and flower tattoo design he now has. Lloyd should be ready; more kids are coming his way.