Your big day has come. You are standing beside your loved one and you are about to get married. There is nothing that can go wrong, right? Well, this video will show you that some unexpected things can happen.

Kids don't know how to behave at weddings

The day is ideal. Sun is shining; the wedding is happening outdoors, the bride and groom are preparing to say "yes" while surrounded by their family and friends. You can see they are really in love, and that they can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together. A marriage officiant started with the speech, talking about the duties husband and wife will have. One little kid didn't care about it at all. He just walked to the groom, started pulling his tuxedo and said: "I need to poo".

The laughter was contagious

Some lady (most likely, the kid's mum) quickly runs to the kid and moved him from the couple, but the damage was already done. Everyone was laughing, even a marriage officiant, who should be the most professional of them all. She even said that was a first time something like that happened, still laughing. The Guests tried to control the laughter, but they simply couldn't.

On the other hand, the bride and groom couldn't believe what happened, trying to stay as cool as possible. Maybe they even thought it was a sign "from above", that they should reconsider the wedding. The groom looked into his feet and the bride asked "what just happened". Finally, after some time, everyone managed to calm down, and the ceremony resumed.

This video, although funny, is a reminder for all those planning on having their sweet nieces or nephews act as bridesmaids or little best men… Beware, because these tiny little sweethearts can steal the show for you, and it may not necessarily be pleasant…