The folk singer Shawn James is not different. In the one time that he and his crew was given the chance to play and record a video while inside a wolf sanctuary, he not only accepted the challenge; he nailed it and made himself the leader of a pack of wolves’ choir.

James decided that he would play the song “American Hearts” by AA Bondy’s in what would be the scariest album cover ever. The singer narrated that it was snowing bad during that time and it was freezing cold so they only had had to spare one take. It was also made sure that it would only be one take since the terrain is not that safe for them. Yet what happened right from the moment James sung is something that would give anyone goose bumps.

From the first instance, James hit the chords on his guitar, it is seen on the video that a wolf is drawing near. It appears to be interested in the music. Then another wolf comes close too. Both are just roaming around the snowy jungle behind James and his friend who is also with a guitar.

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