It doesn’t matter how their parents look like while holding them; any photo with a baby on it would always be cute. The truth is that these photos are like studio shots. They don’t show the real dirty side of parenting. Boredpanda changed all that. It has shown real baby photos that include the poos and pees that come with babies and of course the disgusted looks of their parents while carrying them. At times, you will find the parents laughing at these not-so-likeable surprises.

The first photo is that of a bearded dad holding his baby while the baby is lying on his tummy, asleep. The second photo shows the dad getting alarmed as something spurts out from the baby’s bottom. The baby is smiling while doing it, making him look very naughty, a far cry from his first photo where he looks like an angel.

The next photo is a hilarious family picture. Dad is holding the baby when the baby suddenly takes a dump. Mom tries to catch the poo while the dad is trying to hold back his disgust. Their dog which stays right underneath the mom looks surprised with all the commotion, but it manages to look straight into the camera. The only comfortable individual in the photo is the baby.

Then there’s a collage of daddy photos with baby. The first photo of dad is him holding his baby as the baby’s pee spurts out. Dad’s a bit sleepy in the photo while baby’s still sleeping even if it is carried diagonally. The second photo shows dad’s surprised face as he looks at the baby’s pee almost hitting his face. After the surprise, the third photo shows dad’s smiling face, as if finding humor too late. The baby is still sleeping like nothing is going on.

The next photo is a cute family photo they say. It’s a dad-and-two-sons pic. Dad is carrying baby on his arms while the older son points to the baby’s poo and making faces. The dad is smiling widely, clueless of it all. The baby looks like it just feels more comfy now that it has been able to poo.

The next photo collage is that of another family photo while the parents are about to take a shower. The first photo looks heavenly as Dad kisses Mom while she’s holding baby who is peacefully asleep curled up in her arms. The second photo is exactly the opposite of the first one. This shows Dad’s funny face and mom’s surprised and a bit disturbed face as baby’s pee goes straight up.

Then there’s the next collage with baby sleeping on his tummy while on the back of his dad. The two photos look almost the same except that the second one shows baby’s yellow poo trickling down Daddy’s back. What makes Dad’s back dramatic is that it has tattoos all around.

If you are to vote for the best photo, it would be quite a difficult task to accomplish.