You would certainly think that maternity photos could not only be cute; they could also be inspiring. Hence you should remember Lilica, the pregnant dog that proudly displayed her bump in a doggie maternity photo shoot. Lilica may now go by another name as she posed as a proud mother of six teeny weeny colored sausage pups. Making them not only colorful but heavenly as well, the six pups have worn tiny knitted hats of various colors. Let’s take a glimpse at all these adorable photos that would make the pups the world’s cutest.The first photo is more like a mother’s day photo with Lilica all oiled and dolled up trying to keep watch on her little pups as they lie on their tummies on a wooden bed with a white cottony rug on it to serve as their mattress. The pups are facing the camera and they’re all in their colorful knitted hats. All of them are asleep. The photo exudes comfort, love, and it’s simply a trip to Cuteville. Lilica herself looks like a proud mom as she fondly stares at the camera.

The second photo is a bird’s eye view of the little pups while they lie on their backs while sleeping soundly on the same soft cotton rug placed on top of a wooden basin. All of the pups are asleep and they are oblivious to the camera hovering above them, capturing every adorable movement each of them makes. If there’s one photo that any person would like to have for every down moment, it’s this photo. This shows of innocence, vulnerability, love, purity, and brotherhood. One would be reminded that all these still exist in this world.

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