The third photo is a close-up of a single pup without the colorful knitted hat while it is sleeping in the same wooden basin with the white cotton rug on top. Lilica’s pup is sleeping soundly, and the cotton rug underneath its half-hidden face looks like the clouds trying to covet a piece of heaven. Indeed, this is another happy picture that any sad person would like to see to perk him or her up. It’s another good vibes picture to aid with visualization if one is trying to muster positive energy.

The fourth photo on the other hand is a close-up photo of all the pups’ faces while they lie down face down on the wooden bed with the white cottony rug on top. They are now wearing the same colorful knitted hats again and all of them have closed their eyes whether asleep or perhaps some of them just feeling cozy on the soft bed.

If you are trying to choose one to make your family pet, it would be hard to choose which one. You wouldn’t want one pup to be separated from the rest. You might even want to preserve such pristine moment for eternity. Well, that’s why the picture is taken.

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