All of them are perfectly eligible to cast a vote in Great Britain's referendum regarding its EU membership.

And we haven't even mentioned the other 250,000 in New Zealand, who are undoubtedly going to have a say in UK's future situation too.

Postal votes are going to be sent to London at the end of the day and experts have already estimated that the choice of the people from Down Under is indeed going to have great influence on the final results, especially since there's no clear prediction of how it will all end at the moment.

As you've probably heard yourself, there's a pretty close race between the two sides, and it's really touch or go. And that's exactly what gives Australia quite an interesting position in these circumstances.

First of all, let's find out exactly what each side is fighting for. Pro-brexiters believe that the European Union has led to the weakening of UK's sovereignty, all that while bringing too little in return. On the other side you've got the ones who want to remain in the EU. These people cite the ease of trade, investment and circulation as the main reasons for voting "IN".

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