The big three gaming mascots back then was Mario, Sonic and of course, Crash. Both Mario and Sonic were able to keep pouring out games mostly on a yearly basis and were able to keep their status quo to gamers from all over the world. The same cannot be said with Crash however, which have gone directly under the radar having the last game made 6 years ago.

The reason behind the draught of Crash Bandicoot games is that Sony does not own the license to the Crash franchise any longer with the brand currently belonging to Activision. Activision is busy with the Call of Duty franchise and as a result, Crash was forgotten and the once popular hero became a relic of the past that was fondly remembered by a lot of fans. Indeed, many fans have been clamoring for a true Crash Bandicoot game today and made with the technology that is available in the present.

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