You would get to know Pusheen through the mimicry photos of a netizen who owns a cat named Jackie. Jackie is after all an Internet sensation now. Go check her pictures as she poses like Pusheen, sometimes even better.

The first photo is entitled Combo. It shows Jackie sipping on a large cup of soda while burger and fries sit beside her. It’s the same position that Pusheen the Cat is doing. What makes it different is that Pusheen the Cat would look better in a stationery pad while Jackie’s combo would be the perfect image for a fast food chain.

The second photo is The Wool. This is showing Jackie as she plays with a ball of yarn. It’s the same position and angle as that of Pusheen the Cat. This photo would make a lovely gift for someone who likes cats and loves to knit. It sounds like the description of an old woman next door.

The third photo is entitled The Hi-Five. You wouldn’t see the faces of the two cats in the photo for it only shows one of each cat’s two paws, like asking for a high-five from someone cool. It’s not only cute; the picture is also symbolic for someone who loves cats.

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