The fourth photo is The Supersonic Unicorn. It shows the colorful side of Pusheen the Cat and that of Jackie’s hilarious colors as well. While Pusheen the Cat gets to wear the rainbow-colored tail and ears, Jackie also has her own but she looks like a stuffed toy ready for giving away.

The next photo is the perfect one for any geek who likes as much as gadgets. This photo shows that of Pusheen the Cat sitting stop a laptop and in the same way Jackie is also on top of a real laptop. Again, same pose, same angle, same look. It’s up to you to choose your favorite.

The sixth photo is that of Pusheen the Cat and Jackie while both cats are inside their corresponding boxes, each one eating pizza.

Pizza may not be their favorite food as it is more the Teenage Mutant Ninja’s but it simply looks good to see the cats eat pizza or at least take a bite from a huge slice. They could be the cutest models for a pizza chain.

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