This is very much true especially with regards to your daily news coverage. News is often given live straight from its sources having little to no time to waste in the process. Some things however, just don’t go directly as planned and the same can also be said with this weather forecaster who is given with a weather map glitch which he has to continue to report on. As the saying goes, the show must go on and this fine reporter was able to deliver his lines in a funny and lighthearted manner.

You can checkout his report in the video below.

At first the reporter is given your average everyday temperature readings but things go out of hand right away after the screens have switched and he is now given ridiculous temperature scaling to report on. Since this is live television, abruptly cutting the report off would be considered very much rude to your viewers. As a result, this weather forecaster took it upon himself to continue with his reports regardless of the temperature numbers that are given to him.

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