As you can see, the temperature readings are quite random with the normal ones such as Sky Harbor, Goodyear, Apache Junction having 64 degrees and Mesa, Chandler as well as Queen Creek having 63 degrees. Things however went crazy with Florence and Surprise having 1625 and 1350 degrees respectively. The worse offender however, is Wickenburg as well as Cave Creek which has a temperature reading of 2385 and 2960. The weather forecaster even jokingly commented that steel boils at about this temperature found at Cave Creek and advises people to get out of town as soon as possible.

Everything was having fun and even the main hosts of the news program were laughing which you can hear from the set. It is good to hear that the reporter was able to keep his composure and made light jokes about the current situation that he is in while at the same time keep everyone’s attention glued to him.

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