One Thursday, Delvar got a birthday cupcake from a 3-year-old fan. Brooklyn Andracke, the little princess with a big heart, waited for her favorite person when he drives by her house one Thursday morning to show her appreciation and gratitude. According to Brooklyn, every Thursday her day is made when Delvar would pass by in his car, honk it, wave, and smile the biggest. The same sentiment is in fact felt by the whole neighborhood where Brooklyn lives.

If you’re going to check on the FB page of the city of Bloomington, your heart would be filled with joy looking at the photos that chronicled the sweet happenstance during that fine Thursday morning.

The first photo shows that of Delvar and Brooklyn as Delvar holds the birthday cupcake. The garbage truck is right behind them. The smiles on the faces of the Delvar and Brooklyn are priceless. Indeed, Brooklyn is Delvar’s greatest fan and she would wait for him every Thursday.

But this next photo shows Brooklyn as she awaits Delvar that Thursday, holding the plastic container that has her birthday cupcake inside.

The third photo shows Delvar sitting on the truck’s first step smiling as he listens to what Brooklyn has to tell him. He is now holding the container with the cupcake in it. When Delvar came down from the truck, he was speechless, as it was narrated on FB. After all, it’s not every day when a little girl for a fan would give you a present on her birthday, not yours, mind you. That goes for everyone but more so for all garbage collectors who are rarely given attention.

The fourth photo is still that of Delvar and Brooklyn right after she told him how he makes their every Thursday special by just being himself. But hey wait, it’s not the end of the story. You won’t believe it but the next photo shows what happened next.

Delvar came back the next Thursday Delvar brought special presents for Brooklyn too. The photo shows Delvar as he gets down from the truck holding a Frozen doll play set with Elsa in it, of course. You would also see Brooklyn holding a little signboard and flashing it for Delvar to see. It’s something that movies can completely depict; only that it is real life. And nothing can be sweeter.

The next photo shows that of Delvar and Brooklyn on a high-five. Delvar’s presents are on the ground while Brooklyn is intently raising her left hand to reach Delvar’s for the high-five, sealing off their mutual appreciation.

If there could be an award for the greatest garbage collector of all time, Delvar would rightfully earn it. His good nature shows in the last photo when Brooklyn shows him the signboard that says “Thank You, Delvar.” She has colored it and put all the smiley stickers she had. Delvar is holding Brooklyn on the waist while he looks at the signboard, smiling like it’s an Oscar’s he won. For anyone of us, it is more than an Oscar’s indeed.