According to Henry’s veterinarian Dr. Karla Nichols, it was obvious to everyone that Henry had a hard time walking because of the lump near his right paw. She said that she knew right then that Henry was in need of some help. The short video provided would also show the results of the surgery done on Henry. Henry was back to his optimum health, running around, barking, biting on something even when his fur has been shaved off and it hasn’t fully grown yet. Henry weighs 78 pounds after the surgery. He feels lighter and happier now.

Just like how the popular saying goes, “Every dog has its day.” All’s well that ends well. Henry had his day and what a day it was. Not only did he find the medical attention he needed badly; he also found love in all corners.

Henry’s story is both a reminder and an inspiration. It reminds us that our pets are family; and once you take them into your family, you commit to taking care of them, whether they are healthy or sick. It’s like bringing a new baby into the world. It’s also a reminder that it is more than animal cruelty to leave your pets to suffer alone without providing medical assistance to it or worst to leave it alone to die.

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