Team Delta

With Alfie Arcuri already in the finals, Kim Sheehy, Elle Murphy and Adam Ladell now rely on the public to help them get there too.

Elle performed Jefferson Airplane's Somebody To Love, while Kim sang her own gorgeous version of Heart's A Mess, by Gotye. Adam was the last to sing, and he dedicated John Lennon's Imagine to the unlucky ones involved in the Orlando shootings. He also stressed that one of the reasons why he came to The Voice in the first place was to raise awareness about Tourette's Syndrome, which he suffers of, and to make some of the stigma associated with it go away.

Despite all that, it was Alfie who was chosen to go the finals after performing Zayn Malik's Pillow Talk. And that's what made Delta choose him, even though all the other coaches would've gone for Kim.

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