It became a modern trend between superstars to do something what a normal human being does. For example, why not work in a coffee shop or restaurant for a day?! What kind of reaction would you have if you get served by superstar? We don’t know about you, but we’ve checked out the reactions of customers at Blaze Pizza when they got served by good ol’ LeBron James.

The story behind

Before we tell you how LeBron's first day looked like, we will share a small secret with you. LeBron James first invested in Blaze in 2012. He now owns more than 10 percent of the franchise company.

In between games in Los Angeles, LeBron James decided to put his off day in a higher use. He became Ron, the newest team member at Blaze Pizza. It all looks normal; workers’ doing their regular stuff, some guys’ hitting on hot workers etc. But what happens when a giant basketball player shows up?

The first work day went well

LeBron really surprised customers at Pasadena Blaze Pizza who were lucky enough to be there. Ron had a great support from his co-workers; of course it was all acted out but they looked decent. Staff at Blaze Pizza wasn’t shaking because of LeBron appearance, so that was a big plus too. Ron even learned what kind of sauces they have at Blaze Pizza. Great effort you have put in LeBron.

Of course food service was just a cover up, LeBron was there more for communication with customers, to see their reactions. He shakes hands with customers, and he even acts dumb when basketball chit chat came up. Surprisingly, some of the customers didn’t recognize James. One woman actually mistakes the four-time MVP for his former teammate with the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade, to which James replied: “I get that a lot.” LeBron played really good his Ron role, but unfortunately he had to run away to his next job. Where we will see LeBron/Ron now?

Touch of stardom

Imagine if you go to your regular coffee shop and one day you get served by LeBron James or Megan Fox? Would you be paralyzed from head to toe or you would try to act normal? No matter what, remember they are just humans as we are.