Peter Adams-Shawn had great wedding shots that are known as eye-reflection wedding photos. Yes, the photos are those of the eyes’ reflections of the couple. Adams-Shawn has just released its new batch of photos and they are called as “Ringscapes” since the reflections of the couple are found on the rings that are used as subject. The photographer said that it’s even more difficult and that he has been experimenting with the shots since 2012. According to Adams-Shawn, the composition has become much more challenging in the recent months.

For him, photos of standard reflections on rings are quite common so he decided to bring his artwork a level higher. As a result a lot of people almost can’t wait to see what’s next with Adams-Shawn. There are rumors that he is going to have some soap bubble reflection wedding photos next. It’s something worth waiting for. Meantime, let’s take a look at the ring-reflection wedding shots now.

The first photo is that of a simply gold wedding band standing atop a laid down diamond-studded engagement ring. It has the newlyweds’ reflection on it. You can see the couple holding hands while walking on the beach sand and the sun shines brightly above them. The photo is just so romantic and it is perfect for the couple who loves the beach, the sun, and the sand.

The second photo is about a pile of three rings which are the two wedding bands and the engagement ring. The rings are made in gold and silver. One of the wedding bands has the image of the couple caressing each other while in their wedding outfits, right in the middle of a footbridge with the sea in the background along with a tiny wooden house farther along.

The third photo shows a wedding band and the engagement ring. It’s a black and white photo, and the bands are quite shadowy and are more like silhouettes; but the image of the couple on the wedding band is strikingly clear. They are holding each other’s two hands while standing face to face with each other.

Now here comes the fourth photo and this time it’s a cluster of gold wedding bands. In one part of the band you could see the couple holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes. The couple is standing right in the middle of the beach sand. The sun is also on top of them and it’s shining radiantly.

The next photo shows a bronze wedding and engagement ring. The engagement ring comes with diamond studs and one large one in the middle. On the plain side of the wedding band, you can find the four blue green bridesmaid dresses and the rightmost side has the bridal gown. It is something more symbolic than the others.

Another photo is still of a cluster of wedding bands; and in one of them, you can see the reflection of the couple facing each other, holding hands, and behind them is the façade of an old brick church.