Those people who are not into such devices and equipment end up being labeled as subversive and strange. But nobody has ever thought of technology’s effects on the feline world. How have cats been responding to the changes in their immediate surroundings.

There are photos that have been compiled by BoredPanda would show readers how our dear cats have grown to adjust to the newly wired environment they now live in. Let’s start getting tickled now.

The first photo shows the old boob tube that’s large enough for the cat to sleep on top of it. That is then but now since the old TV got swapped with the LED TV, our dear cat lost its comfortable bed. It simply can’t sleep like being hanged on a thin wire for clothesline.

The second then and now photos show that of the cat’s inference in human activities. Then cats would find themselves comfy as they sleep on an open book while today you would find them sleeping on their back right on the keyboard of your laptop. If your cat could only tell you, it would say “I love it when you open your hardbound book and not your laptop.”

The third batch of photos shows that of the cat sleeping between the tubes that power up your dehumidifier or your AC as it gives it more heat. That was before but now the cat lost it as it now sleeps on top of the laptop adopter. No more heat as it used to be.

Cats are natural hunters; they simply cannot live without it. That’s why you would find them carrying off with a mouse on their mouths. This may be that hard to do now as the mouse the modern household has is no longer the tailed rodent we know but a gadget we use for maneuvering our laptop. This is seen in this batch of cat blunders. The first photo shows the cat carrying off a mouse on its mouth while the second photo shows a cat carrying off the computer mouse complete with its long wire following it.

One other activity that cats love to do is bird watching. This next batch of then and now photos would show you how this is done. It used to be that a cat would watch a bird hopping on and off on a windowpane but now the cat does it through the laptop’s monitor. It’s as if the cat is asking if the bird is true or not.

Cats also love tangles. They love playing around with yarns and ribbons. This is clearly shown through this next batch of photos. Before cats can easily find a ball of yarn around, but now they would likely play with the cords of your laptop. That’s not safe for them, and it demands a bit of vigilance on the owner’s part.