A lady with a heart of gold who works as a foster parent for Operation Paws, an awesome organization that helps stray and abandoned dogs find not only the homes they deserve, but also families that love them.

Needless to say, she is a dog lover, but you may also want to know that her husband is a police officer. And why exactly is this a relevant piece of information?


Because it made Tracey realize how just risky his husband's job actually is. Especially since this year alone there have been many more deaths among officers in their city than ever. Sixteen, to be more precise. Therefore, she is really proud of the contribution that he brings to his local community every day, but she can't help but worry that one day, something will happen while he is on duty and he will never make it home safe and sound.


But don't worry, 'cause this story is not only about sad stuff. Not at all, in fact. It's actually about a grand idea that Tracey came up with when one of the local police department's dogs gave birth to 10 lovely pups.

She thought that this was the ideal occasion to honor the 10 fallen police officers by naming each and every single one of the puppies after an officer that lost his life while fighting crime. There was one difficulty, though - namely that the number of officers that were mortally injured was much greater than the number of the puppies.


Another pretty amazing thing that she's done is the fact that she also offered to help the families of the fallen officers. We are pretty well aware that nothing can make up for losing a child - and so is she - but her gesture didn't go unnoticed at all. On the contrary. Puppy Leotta, for instance, was named after Noah Leotta, one of the city's best officers, who was unfortunately involved in a deadly car accident that took place because of a drunk driver. Her family was more than willing to adopt the puppy named after their daughter. The same principle applied for Officer Guidon and Officer's Colson's family.

There are seven puppies left, however, and they need homes too. We definitely hope they'll catch someone's attention as soon as possible, and if you're interested in adopting any of these cutie pies, please go ahead and contact Operation Paws right away.