Like that Biology test you took back in the day and can't remember anything at all about now. Thank God Tumblr taught us that mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

Now back to our test, which is actually a quiz that you're bound to find not only extremely entertaining, but also really useful for your general knowledge. After all, you know full well that knowing as many things as possible is definitely going to help you later on in life.

DISCLAIMER: You may get a little hungry in the process of doing this quiz, so you may want to place an order for some tasty little nuggets from your favorite franchise.

Without further, let's move on to the hardcore stuff and let's see if you are a chicken nugget expert or a chicken nugget noob.

1. Can you recognize this scrumptious little beauty?


B. Wendy's

C. 7 Eleven

2. What about this golden boy? Can you guess which of the three chains below made it?

A. Burger King

B. McDonald's

C. Roy Rogers

3. Do these nuggets look familiar to you?

A. Checkers and Rally's

B. Chick-fil-A

C. Arby's

4. Okay, first of all, we'd like to say that we're pretty impressed with how perfect this nugget is, but what franchise could it be from?


B. Chick-fil-A

C. Jack in the Box

5. If you're not guessing this one, then we'll just declare you nugget noob

A. Wendy's

B. Burger King

C. McDonald's

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