11. However, four in ten women actually consider dumping a new boyfriend if their friends are not that fond of him.

12. Leaving bedrooms aside, cars are the most popular spot for people to have sex in.

13. Ever wondered what are the types of women than men generally avoid? Well, we've got a pretty specific answer for you. The drama queen, the party girl, the clingy one, the woman who's waaay too talkative, the one who flirts with everyone all the time and the one who brings marriage into the conversation too soon all have a way of scaring men off all the time

14. But what are women put off by? Well, you can never know for sure, but bad breath, body odor, cystic acne, man boobs, bad haircuts, ugly glasses, unkempt nails and missing teeth do rang among the most hated things in men.


15. It's been scientifically proven that the average individual takes about 3 seconds to decide if they'd have sex with someone. However, things are not so simple when it comes to assessing how much it takes a person to assess the possibility of a relationship.

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