Vladimir Putin is Possibly Threatening to Kill the Global Internet

What is more alarming is that they types of ships being utilized are designed to launch submersible crafts capable of severing these very cables.

While the motives remain unclear, the effects of such actions would be devastating to world commerce and communication. The West has had a difficult time predicting the moves of an emboldened Vladimir Putin whether it was this takeover of Crimea or his recent incursion into Syria.


And while it is still too early to say what Putin’s Navy is up to, it has caused experts in the United States to react with worry. A severed cable in the deep sea could take weeks or months to locate and repair. Meanwhile, entire continents could be cut off or have reduced capacity to engage in commerce and communication via the internet.

The US and Russia may not be in the midst of an all-out Cold War yet, but one can’t help but notice the increased chill in the air.We can only now pray that the global internet doesn’t become the first casualty.