For thinking they are superior beings, for believing that they're entitled to everything and everyone, and that includes dogs. And it's good, innocent dogs that have never hurt anybody that we're talking about here.

In this article we'd like you to hear the story of Dennis, the Pit Bull that was abandoned and literally left to die on a bridge ...until someone with a big heart found him and called a rescue team.

A heartbreaking story

About a week or two ago, Gabriel Sepulveda was casually skating on the streets of Comptons when he saw a dog lying helplessly on the ground. At first, he was shocked by the terrible condition that the Pit Bull was in, but then he remembered that maybe, just maybe, there was someone who could pull it off and save the pup.

And guess who he was thinking of? Hope for Paws, the LA-based animal rescue organization that has done the city so much good, that we can hardly find a way to thank them. Lisa and Eldad, two of the organization's most dedicated members, hurried to the spot right away.

Dennis and his saviors

When the two rescuers got to the dog, they immediately realized that he was just like a bag of bones, not to mention covered in over a hundred ticks - a whole bowl of them, in fact. They covered him in a warm blanket and rushed him to the hospital. It was on the way that they came up with him name.

As you can see yourself, poor Dennis was in such a bad condition, that he could barely move. All he did was lay, inert, in the back of their car.

At the hospital, an entire team started removing his ticks - at least the ones they were able to -, after which they gave him a bath and administered him medicine.

One of the other dogs there, Lola, even donated blood to the poor guy.

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