In the past two decade life would be pretty boring without them and thanks to constant re-runs and unlimited online access, we've never truly said goodbye to Friends. Even though they seemed like a true BFF’s, reality it wasn’t like that at all. We bring you some dark secrets about our beloved Friends, but we hope this won’t affect your love towards to Friends.

Friends became addicts

Mothers and daughters have a pretty awesome connection, but in Jennifer Aniston's case it isn’t like that. She admitted that she and her mom had pretty rough relation through her childhood. Although reportedly things are “all fine now”, but it sure doesn't seem like that. Her mom wasn’t invited to her weddings, but hey, half of the Friends cast hasn’t received a wedding invitation as well. LeBlanc didn’t care much about it; he just wants to see Jennifer happy, but Perry hold grudges because of it. Less and less true friends these days.

Maybe Jennifer hasn’t invited Perry to her wedding because of his addictions? Alcohol and pill addiction made him forget the three years of Friends filming. Perry talked honestly about struggles with substance abuse and during the filming of Friends in point where he couldn’t hide his addiction anymore, he went to rehab- twice. Perry isn't only Friend that likes forbidden substances, LeBlanc like them as well. He had been arrested multiple times because of driving under the influence. Bad boys "Watcha gonna do when they come for you"?

Drama has no end

Beside his substance abuse, LeBlanc shocked the world when he divorced from his wife, and even she was surprised by his move. Maybe he dumped her because of his Joey co-star Andrea? Or they divorced because LeBlanc got cozy with a stripper?

Courteney Cox followed her friend LeBlanc and she got divorced as well. Strange fact is that she announced divorce in 2010 and filled out the papers 2 and half years later. Courteney just had to torture the guy for 2 more years.

Don’t think Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer are angels. Lisa was sued by her ex-manager and after years in court she had to pay him 1.6$million. Like Ross Gellar himself, David Schwimmer's personal life is kinda boring. But he did manage to upset his neighbors’ by constructing a house. Construction noises were driving neighbors crazy and someone painted the words „Ross is not cool“ on the wall.

Stay faithful to Friends

Friends is one of the best shows out there. It’s a mix of love, drama, humor, fun, craziness and what not. Besides that, the characters are relatable, plus it brings you back in 90’s! You can’t get bored with Friends, so stop reading this and go watch them again!