We don't know how do they do it, but they obviously know something we don't. One of the most bizarre predictions is Donald Trump is running for president 15 years before it became reality. Besides real life events, Simpsons predicted (or inspired) some modern inventions and we brought you 10 coolest ones.

Printing Food


In 2005, episode "Future Drama" featured a camera that could print pictures into edible cakes. Now, in 2016, printing food with 3D printer is entirely doable. NASA even conducts experiments to see which food is the most fit for printing in space.

Farmville was also a thing in The Simpsons universe long before Facebook. In Season 9's episode "Bart Carny", the kids begged their parents to let them play on "yard work simulator". 10 years later, Facebook game based on the similar concept had 110 million users. Coincidence? We think not!

In the episode "Brother, Can You Spare A Dime" from 1992, Herb invents a "baby translator". "Baby translator" basically translated baby's babbling to their parents. It would be maybe forgotten if it wasn't for Biloop Technologic's app from 2009 that could tell parents what exactly does their baby's cries meant. The app had a success rate of 90%.

Damn You Auto – Correct


Every time your telephone changes your message from bits to tits, remember The Simpsons predicted it long time ago. In the episode "Lisa On Ice", Dolph (school bully) tries to make a memo "Beat Up Martin", but his device changes it to "Eat Up Martha". Apple developers cited this episode as an inspiration for auto-correct.

You may think "smartwatch" is a new thing, but the fact is that The Simpsons knew it was coming in 1995. In the futuristic episode titled "Lisa's Wedding", Lisa's fiancé makes a call using his watch. Almost 20 years later, smartwatches have emerged and started conquering the market.

The Simpsons Know It All!

You have to admit it, this all is somewhat freaky. There are two possibilities that don't have to exclude each other. One is that The Simpsons writers have really deep imagination. The other, and the more probable one, is that they just can see the future. To see these and other The Simpsons predictions, check out the video.