The show is explicit and very violent, but also intriguing and every episode is keeping you on the tip of your toes. For us, that's awesome. Even if you are GoT fan, there are still things you may not know about the series. Because of that, we are here to reveal you some surprising stuff. Stay tuned!

Name all the babies Khaleesi!

Fans love to name their kids after GoT characters, and you don't need greater proof of it besides 146 baby girls named Khaleesi. Khaleesi has her admirers among marine biologists as well; they discovered a sea slug and named it Tritonia Khaleesi. Arya, Sansa, Theon, Tyrion and Sandor are also few of GoT names that parents gave to their babies. We just hope no one named their kid Hodor.

Game of Thrones is famous among the wider audience because of its sex scenes as well. Many characters are talking during sex, revealing major plot points. Among the cast there are actors who had a history in the adult industry as well; one of those is Sibel Kekili, Tyrion’s mistress Shae. You can Google this fact after reading the article.

Production of GoT visited many countries to film the series; from Croatia, Morocco to Northern Ireland and Iceland is among them. After GoT fans discovered locations where GoT has been filmed, they've decided to pay them a visit. GoT fans as tourists have largely improved economy of these countries, most notably Northern Ireland who bagged a $100 million from this.

We know you like Dire Wolves, but unfortunately they are not real. Northern Inuit Dogs are used to recreate Dire Wolves by digitally enlarging them in post-production. Sansa loved her dog Zunni so much, that she even adopted it.

Strange facts keep on coming

Beside the sex scenes, GoT is known for its brutality. In the first four seasons of the show, 133 named characters died, and 4.5 is an average number of deaths per episode. The deadliest episode is “Black Water” and the most brutal episode is “The Rains of Castamere” or "The Red Wedding" where 7 named characters were shockingly killed.

George R.R Martin found his inspiration for brutal scenes in history books. War of Five Kings, a major story arc in the show, was based on the 15th century War of the Roses between different families who wanted to claim the English throne. Black Dinner of 1440, where the Scottish Earl of Douglas and his brother were murdered at dinner, was an inspiration for the Red Wedding scene. This all leads to GoT being most pirated show for 4 years in a row according to BitTorrent.

Now let's talk money. Budget to make one episode is 6$ million, or 60$ million per series. The most expensive episode was “Blackwater” which required 8$million.

GoT is definitely trying to stay original; linguist David Peterson invented the Dothraki language of 3,163 words just for show usage.

Among the original GoT cast there are other famous people who joined in for the needs of the show. The tallest man in Britain, Neil Fingleton, had a role of giant and the role of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane was played by Hafthor Bjornsson (2m tall, 190kg weight man), a top competitor in the World’s Strongest Man contest.

Get caught up!

If you haven’t seen GoT, you really should. It’s full of secrets, intrigues and you never know what next will happen. Don’t waste your time on any average shows; spend your quality time by watching GoT. But don't blame us if you get hooked.