But mess comes with raising little human beings. We strongly believe that kids are the reason why paper towels were invented in the first place, they’re messy as they can be, but at the same time adorable as much as they can be. How can anyone be angry at the kid when you see his happy face while destroying furniture with crayons? Kids can make parents go furious, but it never lasts long simply because they’re adorable little monsters.

Batman is the bad guy

When little kids found his mother make up, he decided to use it for artistic purpose. If a girl kid had found it; we would be watching a video of “makeup tutorial for 4year old girls”. In order to express his artistic skills, a little guy used a mirror as a canvas and makeup as crayons. Creativity knows no borders.

He knew that his mom will be mad after she sees her expensive makeup on the mirror instead her face, so he decided to blame it on someone else. Why not on Batman? No one loves Batman these days, especially after last movie Batman vs. Superman, and it seems like this little kid isn’t his biggest fan as well. The kid was super adorable while blaming poor Batman, and we’re sure mom believed in his story. Who wouldn’t believe in this cute innocent face?

Sometimes mess can be bad


Even though in this video kid made a little mess, sometimes kids know no boundaries. If they desire to, they can paint your kitchen with different colors while you’re not watching over them. But mess has positive effects on kids; it is a part of learning and developing motor skills and coordination.

Every mess leads to a more creative child. Plus, it is also a great way to teach your kid how to clean. Even if you as parent hate the mess, let them do it. It will piss you off when you have to clean after it, but can you really go mad at your little adorable pumpkin?

Take a deep breath

If you really struggle with messes just walk away or close your eyes. Take a deep breath and count to 50, or say a few prayers. Just let it go; after the mess is created there is no point to yell at your kid, it can just cause them trauma. And have on mind messes are a great way of breaking that "sitting in front of the TV" habit.