Ben Affleck's Sad Face Is Something You Have To See!!!

The audience had great expectations from the movie and when they finally saw it in cinemas, the impressions were divided. On the other hand, the critics slammed the movie, calling it a disaster. The majority of the critics is criticizing the movie because it’s too dark, humorless, and Batman is too violent. The hard core nerd fans are saying that the movie is great and that the normal people can’t understand it, because they don’t read comics and are not familiar with the real story.

What is so funny about it?

As we already said, this is only a part from the interview and it is fan made, to be precise fan edited version of the interview. At the moment when Henry starts commenting the bad critics, Ben made a super sad face that has become a new number one internet meme.

To make it even funnier, the dude who made this video muted the voices and just played the song “The Sound Of Silence” which actually fits perfectly with Ben's face. The internet is a cruel place, so today you can find thousand videos, GIFs, and pictures with Ben’s sad face in the variety of hilarious contexts.

Why so serious?

Before Batman, Ben was another hero. He was a Daredevil and that role was not one of his best performances. Same as now, people were making fun of him and there were a lot of bad critics.

Now Ben Affleck was very excited when he got the epic role of Batman. When they first announced it, the public wasn't so excited, and he wanted to prove them wrong. He did a good job, but still there are too many critics upon him, so he is probably having some tough time handling it. His face said more than enough.

Cheer up

Ben has no reason to be sad, because the movie is making tons of money in cinemas, and already has earned almost a triple amount of money that was spent to make it. Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice, even has a good score on IMDB, web site that measures the audience's opinion. Their opinion is only thing that matters. Critics are only there to make things little more interesting.