Fishing is a great hobby; you can relax, have some time alone or have a chit-chat with your fisherman buddies etc. Of course, there is something about the catch itself. Sometimes you can catch something that will absolutely shock you and that’s just what happened to one Australian fisherman. This is one of those shocking moments that most people wouldn't know how to react to.

Surprise, Surprise

Two fishermen went on a casual fishing trip probably just wanting to relax and forget their problems. A fish caught up on a hook and they pulled it out from the water. After pulling the catch, they noticed something was wrong. The fish were eating a snake! The fisherman said he had never seen anything like that till now and he’s fishing since he was six years old. The Codfish was flipping and flopping like the most fish do when they’re caught, but maybe this one was going crazy because they stopped him in his meal-snack time.

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