Reasons for protests are always the same: the hate and the equality. Some people want to achieve equality between humans using protests and in the other hand, people who are feeling too much hate towards some groups will do everything to prevent the equality. Because of these same reasons protests happened in Australia and the result was not so peaceful.

Melbourne Protests

During the anti-Islam protests in Melbourne police had a lot of work to do. More than 300 angry anti-Islam protesters have clashed in the streets of Melbourne, Victoria with an anti - racism group. The groups were marching in response to a planned “Moreland says no to racism rally". One to support it with chanting "Say it loud, say it clear, Muslims always welcome here", others are showing their dissatisfaction with sign "No refugees. Our home, our future". Victoria police said they knew about the protests and they were prepared for all that was coming. The footage in the video shows otherwise.

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