Protestors were using Australian flags to beat each other and in one moment of the video we can see a man lying on the ground while being kicked. Flags were used to beat each other, but also for covering faces and hiding identity.

There are sayings that man, who was getting beaten on the ground, is a member of the United Patriots Front (UPF), which organized Saturday's anti-Islam and anti-immigrant rally. Police had to use pepper spray to separate protestors ultimately forming a line to keep the groups away from each other.

The Outcome

Seven men, aged between 18 and 33, were arrested during the protests with up to 500 police officers, including the riot squad and mounted police, attempted to separate the two groups. Police have said two males were arrested for riotous behavior, one for assaulting police, one for hindering police and another for robbery. Another male was charged with possessing a lock pick while another was charged for carrying three knives.

It is the seventh rally involving anti-Islam protesters that have turned violent in Melbourne. The Herald Sun has reported that "the cost of policing these rallies, including the ones on Saturday, stands at $1.7m."

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