All Simmons family supports and helps their youngest member. His sister works as his publicist and no matter where he goes mom, dad and the rest of the family are with him. Beside family members, Simmons has a great connection with LeBron James. “The King” and Simmons befriended several years ago at training camp and LeBron became a huge role model for young Simmons; “So for me — business-wise, he's one of the best businesses as an athlete in the world, that's where I want to be at some day.”

Simmons is only 19 years old and he is worth almost 40$ million. He is young, he is a good player, but he is under a lot of pressure. His childhood dream got real and overnight he became a sports superstar. He has become the first Australian player to be selected with the number one pick in the NBA draft since Andrew Bogut in 2005. Simmons is under huge pressure to succeed, not just because he is the number one pick in the draft, but because he has been compared to James by none other than the NBA legend Magic Johnson. 

"It's surreal, but I've worked so hard to be the player I am today," Simmons said. He worked hard before and now with NBA training, he works even harder. Waking up at 6am, having practiced and training almost all day isn’t easy but hard work will pay off.  Besides hard training, adjustment to a new environment has been tough as well.

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