Small boys become big men through the influence of their fathers. It’s a natural thing for dad to groom his son and teach him the ways to handle things he faces when he is younger. Maybe dad in this video was trained by his father on matters of "how to turn on vacuum cleaner", so he tried to teach his son as well. “Vacuum cleaner lesson” from father to son is priceless to watch. Trust us, you will roll on the floor from laughing.

Different time has com

Remember how you used to clean and help around the house when you were a kid? There is a big difference between “old school” kids and these modern age kids (kids with all the technology). Most of the modern age kids have no clue about things like: how to turn on the dishwasher, how to wash clothes or even how to turn on the vacuum cleaner. But that is parents’ mistake of turning their kids into princes and princesses; life isn’t Disneyland so parents please stop doing it.

Nowadays children tend to be given less tasks; their key duty is schoolwork. If they are given tougher jobs, they are almost always linked to 'bribes' such as extra pocket money or points towards toys or outings. So, dear parents, give your kids some housework tasks, teach them how to be responsible for their own sake, not for the money.

This dad is a real comedian

Dad from this video persuades his son to start helping out around the house. But was it a smart idea? When you get in a touch for the first time with a vacuum cleaner, it can be a little bit tricky and Irish boy proved that fact perfectly. Son tried to pull-start the vacuum cleaner like it’s a lawn mower. Dad was amused by his struggles and even encouraged him by saying: “Go on, give it a good pull”. We’re wondering how he didn’t burst into laughter.

Since the first plan didn’t work out well, dad gave a little advice to his son; maybe to plug in the vacuum cleaner to see will it work? After plugging in the vacuum cleaner, son just had to press the button on it and magic happened. This dad gave his son a lesson for life, and he gave him popularity as well. We hope he won’t be mocked too much.

Learn your kids’ life lessons Dad from this video had a fun time watching his son trying to use the vacuum cleaner. But beside that, he gave a good lesson to everyone: stop spoiling your kids and teach them the basics at least. The sooner they learn, the more time you will have for relaxing.