However, this was not a case to be alarmed as the 15-foot inflatable red ball didn’t kill anyone.It was supposed to be used for as a performance art piece but unfortunately it was able to get away, I mean roll away from their hands. You can see the video in which the museum staff was caught chasing the rampaging red ball which is about 15 seconds long. Surely chasing the ball took even longer than that.

Kurt Perschke’s Red Ball Project was meant to be safely installed at Madison Avenue’s Roulet Jewelers in Toledo but the wind had different plans for their project. The 250-pound object finally came to a stop but not before it reportedly damaged a street sign on Wednesday. Of course, with this large red ball at hand, the museum staff has to be extra careful especially since balls tend to bounce and roll around wherever it decides. Unfortunately, the ball got loose and the rest is history.
Chaos and hilarity ensued as the museum staff tried their best in chasing the ball in the streets of Ohio. No harm has done except for the damaged a street sign which turn this incident into a somewhat hilarious event. Hopefully the museum staff has made the necessary changes to avoid any similar event from ever happening again.